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Management of on premises terminals

Under the Toolboox → Terminals section you will find a list of all the SIP User Agents who have registered at least once to the VOIspeed switchboard.



The main characteristic of a User Agent is the string with which it presents itself to the PBX. Each manufacturer sets this string in the device firmware and in some cases it is also possible to customize it.
For each of them you can define a series of parameters that allow a correct use and you can customize the display as a device of the GUI. Specifically, by clicking on the small iconedit relating to the item you want to customize, you will find:


The parameters that can be customized are:

Company Current company
User agent string It is the string presented by the terminal as a User Agent in SIP transactions. It is advisable not to modify this string because it contains useful information on the type of terminal and generally also on its firmware version
Terminal Type Here you can select which icon will be displayed in the GUI and user monitoring of the PBX when it has associated a terminal with the specific UA. The selectable terminals are:

  • IP phone: it will be shown with the thumbnaildevicesip
  • User Agent: it will be shown with the thumbnaildeviceusb
  • Wireless (DECT WiFi 3G): It will be shown with the thumbnaildevicedect
  • User Agent for Intrusion: it will be shown with the thumbnail devicecallcenter
Click to dial supported Click to dial supported Click to dial function support. If the terminal supports click to dial, the call made from the GUI will automatically start playing the audio on the associated SIP terminal, without the need to call it in advance, as happens with terminals without this feature. The Polycom and Yealink phones available in Teamsystem Communication support this option, while some DECT SIP systems (such as Gigaset) do not support it.
Standard Refer supported Standard Refer Supported Standard Refer Support. It is the function that allows you to forward calls according to a particular method of the SIP standard. The Yealink and Polycom IP phones available in Teamsystem Communication support this option, while DECT systems typically do not support it. If there are any problems during call forwarding, try disabling this option.