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Management of the SMS director

By clicking on the icon on the main SMS service access page, you can manage the address book dedicated to the VOIspeed SMS service.

The SMS address book is logically distinct from the UCloud PBX address book; this is to avoid that contacts that are not interesting for the management of the service also converge within it

As soon as you enter this section, the list of contacts already in the address book is displayed; on each contact it is possible:

  • View the contact details
  • Edit contact
  • Delete contact

To add new contacts, you can click on the icon or on the item Insert a new contact; Doing so will open the panel for the manual insertion of a contact which allows you to specify in addition to the personal data of the contact (Name, Surname, Company and Mobile Number) also the Group to associate the contact with (for more details on Group of contacts see xxxx).

The creation of contacts can also be done by importing data from the outside; by clicking on the button it will be possible to choose between two possible sources:

  • Import from the PBX address book: by choosing this item, an import into the SMS address book will start of the contacts in the UCloud switchboard address book with at least one mobile number present in the relevant contact field.
    In the pop-up that opens when this item is selected, it will be possible to choose between 3 import options:
  1. Import to address book: the contacts are added to the SMS address book individually;
  2. Import into an existing group: contacts are added to the address book individually and all are assigned a specific group chosen from those already present;
  3. Import into a new group: like the previous option, but a group is created at the same time as the import to which the imported contacts can be assigned
  • Import from a CSV file: choosing this option will open a pop-up from which you can select the file to import. In the same pop-up, by clicking on the lens icon at the top, it will be possible to obtain information on the file format accepted for impor.

Nel processo di importazione della rubrica tutti i contatti che presenteranno un numero di cellulare già presente nella rubrica saranno aggiornati con le informazioni di Nome, cognome e Azienda presenti nel nuovo contatto importato, sovrascrivendo così le informazioni precedentemente salvate.

Also on the SMS address book management page, you can create Groups with which to logically organize your contacts, which is useful for simplifying the scheduling of bulk mailings. By clicking on the icon you will access the list of groups already present, for each of which it will be possible to change the settings or delete them; from this page, by clicking on the + icon at the top right or on the INSERT A NEW GROUP button, it will be possible to create a new group of contacts by specifying a name (mandatory) and a description (optional, which helps to describe the characterization you want to give to the group)

The groups created can then be assigned to the individual contacts added to the address book during their creation.