Reset to factory settings of the dect gogaset N510 pro base

If for some reason you want to reset the Gigaset DECT base to the factory settings, follow the procedure below on page 86 of the manufacturer’s manual.   Note: the reset will restore all individual settings, furthermore the system PIN will be reset to the value “0000“.

  • Disconnect the base from the LAN network switch and remove the power supply (if you are not using a PoE switch)
  • Press the front registration / paging key and hold it down
  • Without releasing the registration / paging button, power the base: with PoE switch: reconnect the base to the PoE switch without PoE switch: reinsert the power supply into the power outlet
  • Continue to hold down the registration / paging key for at least 20 seconds
  • Release the registration / paging key. The base is now reset.
  • To re-register the phones follow the procedure indicated in the manual