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Route incoming calls based on the caller’s number

The VOIspeed telephone switchboard allows you to route incoming calls based on the CALLER number. For example, if the call came from abroad it could be diverted to an IVR that answers in English, or, if the call came from a specific number (a particular customer), it will be possible to forward the call directly to the operator or group designated.

The settings must be made in the routing rules, creating new rules according to your needs.

Suppose you want to route calls from the UK (prefix 0044) to an English language IVR. The settings to be made are those visible on the side.
If the operator presents the number with the notation +44, it will be necessary to change the prefix accordingly. If the calls entered with both the double zero (0044) and the abbreviated notation (+44), it will be necessary to create two distinct rules, each with a different calling prefix.If the calling number is a specific number of a customer, just write it in place of the prefix 0044, closing the string with the $ symbol to indicate an exact match (for example ^ 0733811720 $).