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Schedule the mass sending of SMS

By clicking on the icon on the main access page to the SMS service, the mask for creating a new message with scheduled mass sending will start. The meaning of the various fields is as follows:

Sending date: allows you to decide the day and time when the system will send your SMS.

Sender: allows you to specify the sender who will be visible on the mobile phone of the recipient of the message. By default it is set to the name of the company in whose name the PBX was created but it can be changed.
ATTENTION: it is possible to insert only alphanumeric strings of up to 11 characters

Recipients: allows you to select the list of recipients of the message. You can choose between

  1. Seleziona contatti della rubrica
    By choosing this item it will be possible to manually select the list of contacts to send the message to among those in the SMS address book;
  2. Seleziona tutti i contatti della rubrica
    By choosing this item, you can program the sending of the message to all the contacts in the SMS address book;
  3. Select contact groups
    By choosing this item you can select one or more groups of contacts (see ->)

Title: descriptive field that simply allows you to recognize the message in the global list of those scheduled

Testo messaggio: field where you can enter the message text. The text is limited to 160 characters and also allows you to enter parameters that the system will take care of personalizing with the specific information of each contact with the following relationships:

  • %NAME%: name of the contact
  • %SURNAME%: surname of the contact
  • %COMAPNY%: company of the contact

For example, by sending the messageHello %NAME% %SURNAME% of the %COMPANY% to Mario Rossi (company Rossi SPA) and Luigi Bianchi (company Bianchi Srl), the system will send the two messages Hello Mario Rossi of Rossi SPA and Hello Luigi Bianchi of Bianchi Srl

After completing the compilation of the above data, simply click on the OK button to confirm the scheduling of sending the decided message