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Send files and documents

To send a file to a switchboard user, simply drag and drop the file over his avatar or, after right clicking on the user, press the gui button file trans button file trans and select the file to send.

As soon as you release the mouse button on your GUI the following window will appear:

gui file transfer1

While the same window will appear on the recipient’s GUI with the request for acceptance for the transfer:

gui file transfer2

By accepting the transfer, the GUI signals the progress of the download with a progress indicator. The downloaded files are saved in the C:\Program Files (x86)\VOIspeed GUI\download folder, which can be opened directly with the Open folder button.

gui file transfer3

The file transfer window also contains the list of sent and received files which can be deleted with the Empty list button. The waiting / sending / receiving status of the files is shown with precise graphic indications:

gui file pending in Pending waiting for reception (entry) gui file pending out Pending out waiting for transmission (exit)
gui file accept in File receveid (entry) gui file accept out File Trasmitted (exit)
gui file reject in File rejected (entry) gui file reject out Transfer aborted (exit)