Soundstation IP 5000

Configuring the Soundstation IP 5000 hands-free station

Configuration is done via the web, by connecting with a browser to the phone’s IP address. You can get the IP of the Sounstation from the monitoring of the DHCP server

Once connected via the web, the default administrator password is 456. Below we indicate some parameters to be changed with respect to the default configuration, referring to the web interface in Italian. The language is usually detected automatically based on the browser settings, but can be changed manually from the menu at the top right.


Settings -> Audio Codec Priority

The codecs of the Sounstation can be configured, in most cases, as shown below.

6410 codec

Codec G.711A will be placed first and G.729 second.


Preferences -> Date and time

Display format

Choose your preferred display format

Synchronization now

SNTP server: (or an NTP server believed to be working)

Time Zone: (GMT + 1: 00)

Summer time

Daylight Saving Time: Active

Start date: Last Sunday March

End date: Last Sunday October


Settings -> Lines

Line1 – Identification

Display name: Name and surname of the user

Address (for VOIspeed 4): extension @ IP_address of the_server (e.g. 3749@

Address (for VOIspeed 6): extension @ <company_domain>; (ex:

Authentication user ID: username of the user

Authentication password: user password

Label: nickname (short) shown on the phone display

Line calls: 4 by default, reduce the value to 1 if you want an incoming call to be rejected (busy) if you are already engaged in a conversation.


Server 1

Address: IP_address_of_server

Port: 5060

Expires (s): 3600 by default, set a value between 60 and 120

Record: Yes

Section Settings àSIP

Number Mapping Mismatch: Set the value to 2