Spectralink DECT KWS 400 configuration

Spectralink Server IP-DECT KWS 400


The Spectralink DECT 400 Server, also known as Kirk Wireless Server 400, is the DECT-IP solution dedicated to covering small and medium-sized environments. In the standard configuration it supports a maximum of 12 registered terminals and 6 simultaneous calls, while with an additional license it is possible to increase its capacity up to 30 terminals and up to 12 simultaneous calls.

The server can be used in both Single Cell mode (default) and Multi Cell mode (requires additional license).

In Single Cell mode it can function as a single access point to the DECT network, as it also acts as a base station with an active antenna, while in Multi Cell mode it can coordinate up to 3 additional Base Stations, for a total of 4 access points to the DECT network.

The IP-DECT 400 Server is compatible with the entire line of Spectralink DECT phones, including Butterfly terminals. Full compatibility with third party DECT terminals is not guaranteed.


Minimum number of IP-DECT 400 Servers 1
Maximum number of Base Stations that can be installed with a multi-cell license 3
Maximum number of simultaneous conversations (available audio channels) 6
Maximum number of simultaneous conversations with additional license (available audio channels) 12
Number of registered users without additional license 12
Maximum number of users that can be registered with an additional license 30
Maximum coverage diameter of the Base Station 300 m
Base Station coverage diameter for typical local / office installations ~ 20 – 50 m


Download the complete configuration manual of the VOIspeed IP-DECT KWS 400 system.

Download the Butterfly phone user manual