Spectralink DECT KWS6500 configuration




The VOIspeed DECT 6500 is the complete solution designed for full mobility in the company and for coverage from small to large radius.

The system consists of at least one KWS6500 Server, at least one base station and at least one VOIspeed DECT telephone. With the minimum solution (1 Server 6500 and a base station) you can register up to 30 users, have up to 11 simultaneous calls (the system could manage 32 but each base station can manage a maximum of 11 simultaneous calls) and cover one area that extends (diameter) from 90 (closed field) to 300 meters (open field).

The VOIspeed DECT Server KWS6500 is supplied with a power supply and supports PoE. This unit is used to manage base stations, media resources and interfaces via SIP protocol directly with the VOIspeed PBX. It does not have a radio antenna so it should not be considered when studying radio coverage. It needs access to the LAN and must be configured using a static IP.

The base stations can be powered by a power supply or by PoE (803.2 af) and allow the diffusion of the DECT signal making functional mobility possible in the company. Each base station allows 11 simultaneous calls. Base stations do not increase the maximum number of calls or users that can be registered on the VOIspeed DECT Server KWS6500. They need access to the LAN and can be configured using a dynamic IP (DHCP).

To increase the maximum number of users or total concurrent calls, it is necessary to purchase a User License or a Media Resource respectively. Each Media Resource adds 32 voice channels. The maximum number of calls that the system can manage is 1024. The Media Resource unit includes a power supply and, like the 6500 Server, is not equipped with a radio antenna. The maximum number of users that can be configured in the system is 4096.

The novelty introduced with this system is that each base station can work independently from the others. Up to now it has been necessary to create the Handover (all the bases had to necessarily “see” each other or create a synchronization chain) while with this solution, each base connects via LAN directly to the VOIspeed DECT Server KWS6000 which manages the calls.

Minimum number of VOIspeed DECT Server KWS6500 1
Minimum number of 6500 Base Stations 1
Maximum number of installable Base Stations 255
Maximum number of simultaneous conversations per base station (available audio channels) 11
Maximum number of simultaneous conversations for each Server 6000 / Media resource 32
Maximum number of Media Resource that can be installed 32
Maximum number of simultaneous conversations with 32 Servers 6000 / Media resource 1024
Number of registered users without additional user license 30
Maximum number of users that can be registered with additional licenses 4096
Maximum coverage diameter of the Base Station 300 mt.
Cover diameter of the Base Station for typical installations in premises / offices  about 90 mt.


Download the complete configuration manual of the VOIspeed DECT KWS6500 system.

Download the Butterfly phone user manual