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The analog telephone continues to ring after having already answered from the second terminal

It is quite frequent the situation in which a switchboard user needs to manage two terminals: a fixed desk phone and a cordless telephone to have freedom of movement (e.g. while I’m on the phone I have to get up to open the office filing cabinet, I have to go to the archive in the other room to find a document, or I have to get a spare part from the shelf at the end of the corridor).

In cases where the cordless terminal is associated with an IP DECT base, there are no problems in managing this system. The problems start when the DECT terminal is analog and is therefore connected to an IP FXS adapter such as the Cisco SPA112.

In this case the problem is the following:

  • the call comes
  • the user answers with the landline phone
  • the analog telephone continues to ring for about 8/10 seconds

This phenomenon is triggered by the circuitry and latency of the FXS interface and is therefore not solvable. In all these cases, it is therefore advisable to equip the user with an IP cordless device, such as the Yealink W52P, instead of an FXS + analog telephone adapter.