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The diagnostics of the VOIspeed switchboard

The Diagnostics section, which can be reached from the Toolbox -> Diagnostics menu, allows you to access the switchboard event log and to carry out a specific diagnosis of the problems.
This area can also be accessed from the Call Report.By clicking on the Diagnostic Download you can download the current trace, while clicking on the icon Logs Directory you can access the complete log file folder.

An advanced search is available thanks to specific filters: clicking on Advanced Search you can open the list of filters, through which you can quickly debug problems and incorrect configurations.

Let’s see the parameters in detail:

Parameter Use
Level Allows you to filter the level of messages you want to view.

  • Normal: indicates the basic level of signal exchange between entity and PBX
  • Warning: allows you to view or not all warning messages (generally managed errors) in the communication between entity and PBX
  • Exceptions / Errors: also allows you to view all the problems, unmanaged or blocking events of the PBX
Type Allows you to filter the type of interaction you want to analyze.

  • System: Filters low-level system information
  • Connection: filters Registration (SIP) requests from SIP terminals and gateways
  • Call: filters the switchboard calls
  • Presence:
  • License: Filters the interactions that occur when trying to register a new license or when the license information is loaded when starting up the PBX (only as a super administrator user)
ID Allows you to filter information by call ID
Entity Allows you to choose the entity whose interactions you want to analyze.

  • System
  • User
  • Group
  • Gateway
  • Responder
  • Service number
  • Audio message
  • Timetable
  • Rule routing

In this way, even within an entire test call it is possible to select which part of the call affects our analysis.

Description Allows you to search within the package dump; the search mode is textual and allows you to search for information directly in the logged package provided that it is found for packages enabled in the configuration section