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The GUI starts minimized and I can’t see it

Probably for some reason of changing monitor resolution, the GUI is shown “off” screen. Then you need to manually change the coordinates of the window. Here’s how to do it:

  • Stop the GUI. If you cannot see the shutdown confirmation window, use the task manager to forcibly shut down the process;
  • From Windows go to the Start menu – Programs – VOIspeed GUI – Advanced configuration: the folder containing the local configuration files of the GUI will open;
  • Open the config.ini file;
  • Check the value of the two main_form_left variables, main_form_top, contained in the [GUISettings] group;
  • Correct the values ​​after the “=” sign, setting them both to 1: this corresponds to the upper left corner of the monitor;
  • Restart the GUI and make sure it is displayed in the upper left corner of the main monitor. At this point it is possible to move it where desired.