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TSComm Atom Technology

Maestro technology is the core of the uniqueness of the VOIspeed UCloud solution. To create the first totally Cloud telephony solution, it was necessary to ensure that our PBX was a completely distributed system, in particular in terms of services. To do this, TeamSystem Communication has specially developed Maestro technology thanks to which each company working on the UCloud system and the telephone resources it needs to function are a separate process while the basic entities of the telephone system, residing in sites different, are coordinated by a process controller that takes care of the consistency of the entire system. In this way you will have the certainty of the continuity of the service and the tranquility of the centralized management of the cloud alongside the stability and robustness of a system that behaves as if it were on premises, since all telephone activities are processed as if they were working on a dedicated machine. . A revolutionary cloud solution that is not satisfied with bringing the switchboard to the cloud but transforms it in every respect into a series of distributed services, centralized thanks to a unique architecture, the result of years of development and experience.