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Yealink: importing users into the local phonebook

Warning: this procedure, if intended to differentiate the internal bells, can be avoided in the latest versions 6.5.X for PBX, since it is the switchboard that sends the type of incoming call (internal / external) to the terminals, using the SIP Alert method. Info. For more information see this article.

With Yealink, it is possible to import the switchboard extensions into the local phonebook of the telephone and specify for them both the telephone numbers and a personalized ringtone so that external calls can be distinguished from internal ones. Follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the WEB administration of the phone
  2. Go to the Directory / Local directory section
  3. Click on the import Csv button as in the image below:yealink-import rubrica
  4. Import the appropriately modified file according to the template available here, customizing the display_name, office_number, ring and group_id_name fields