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How to record all calls

In addition to the recording that can be activated manually by users via the UI, the VOIspeed switchboard allows you to record all calls automatically and permanently. Activation is carried out through the GDPR panel -> Reporting. NOTE for On Premises platform: the recording takes place using the G.711 Alaw or Ulaw codec (uncompressed, from […]
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GDPR panel – data portability

In this article we will see how to ensure data portability and the right to be forgotten regarding the personal data that the VOIspeed switchboard collects and stores on the users and on the contacts in its address book. In the Configuration -> GDPR section, by selecting the Data portability item it is possible to […]
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GDPR panel – overview

In this article we will see which elements make up the GDPR panel and their meaning for the purpose of customizing the privacy settings and data management of your switchboard. In the Configuration–> GDPR section you will find the following customizable items, relating to general security and data management settings: Permissions: in this section you […]
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