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Check the correct sending of the e-mails by the VOIspeed switchboard

In this section it is possible to verify the correct sending of e-mails by the VOIspeed switchboard. The emails can relate to company voicemail messages or informational emails (e.g. for a change or creation of user accounts).
We remind you that the sending of emails by the VOIspeed switchboard is an operation performed by the Configurator automatically and asynchronously with respect to the PBX service, following a customizable cron (scheduler) (for the On Premises Configuration–> System platform).

monitoraggio email

The information on this page is:

Recipient User and / or the recipient email address of the email sent
Subject Subject of the email sent:

  • in the case of mail by voicemail, the standard subject is “New message from Name_Sender”
  • in the case of emails sent for account data notification, the standard subject is “VOIspeed user account”
Allegato This column shows icons relating to the type of attachment and with the following functions:

  • audio in the email there is an attached message (wave file): by clicking on the icon, the integrated player will appear for listening to the message
  • download allows you to download the message (wave file) attached to the email. Click on the icon to download the file locally
  • warning the sending email tried to upload an attachment but the operation failed. Hovering over the icon with the mouse, a suggestion will appear with information relating to the problem.
Stato Status Indicates the outcome of the mailing according to the following color code:

  • green sticker: email sent successfully
  • yellow / orange sticker: email waiting to be sent
  • red sticker: email not sent correctly

in the yellow / orange and red status, you can click on the sticker to try to send the email again (or try to send it back).

In the On Premises platform, in case of persistent problems, in addition to the complete diagnostics of the PBX, it is possible to activate the saving activate the saving of unsent e-mails, together with the file containing the response and the error of the SMTP server, in the mailer folder, which can be reached directly from the configurator in  Toolbox–> Windows Explorer

Last sending This column shows the date and time of the last attempted sending of the email
Attempts Number of attempts to send the email
Next sending If present, it indicates when the next attempt to send the email will be made
Actions Allows you to open the detail of sending the email with the information relating to content, sender, recipient and attachment.