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How to monitor the activity of a response group from the UI

In this article we will see how to view the activity of a response group from its own UI.

From your UCloud UI it is possible to view the traffic and activity of the individual components of the switchboard response groups in real time.

The user who intends to use this feature must be enabled by the switchboard administrator (see User creation and configuration).

If enabled, the user can decide to view the tab that allows you to monitor the activity of a response group in real time; the settings in question are found in the Settings section (accessible via the icon   at the top left of the UI) under Appearance.Here you can decide:

    1. Whether or not to display the Groups TAB by enabling it in the Additional Tabs section
    2. Choose which groups to display in this tab among those available. The property of a group to be visible in this section in the user UI must be configured by the administrator in the properties of the group itself (see Creating and configuring users).

After completing this section, a new TAB with an icon ; will appear on the UI; by clicking on it you can access the view of the groups chosen with your activity. Let’s see in detail all the features available with this option.

The star at the top next to the group name allows access / exit to the group; if active (green star) the user has become part of the group and can directly manage the calls sent to it.For each group displayed, it is also possible to call the group directly (handset icon), forward a call to it blindly or with supervision (forwarding icon) and open its details (for more information on group details, see How to monitor the details of a pickup group from your UI).
In this panel, for each group it is possible to monitor:

  1. The number of users available out of the total. By clicking on the icon you can decide which categories of users to include in the concept of “available” by choosing based on their work status (Free, Away and / or Do not disturb);
  1. The number of calls missed by the group in the last period. The period in which the evaluation is carried out can be configured manually by acting on the number preceding the “hours” item;
  1. In the lower part of the group tab you will find information updated in real time that allow you to know:
    1. the number of ringing calls
    2. the number of active calls
    3. the number of calls in the queue

All these values ​​are accompanied by a status (bottom bar) that lights up progressively to give visual information of the situation, progressing from green (situation under control) to red (alert status, group in management difficulty.

In particular, for information relating to Queued Calls, it is possible to set when to trigger the alert status by clicking on the button at the top right. In the panel that appears when you press it, you can choose whether to link the alert to different values. In particular:

  1. if I set the item “PBX lines”, the alert is triggered when all the lines of the PBX are busy;
  2. if I set the user percentage, the alert is triggered when the number of calls in the queue is equal to the percentage of users in the group indicated (e.g. if there are 4 total users in the group and I put 75%, the alert will be triggered when there are 3 queued calls);
  3. if I choose an absolute value, the alert is triggered when the number of calls in the queue reaches that value.