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How to monitor the detail of a response group from your UI

In this article we will see how to monitor in detail a response group from its own UI.

The user who intends to use this feature must be enabled by the switchboard administrator (see User creation and configuration).

From your UCloud UI it is possible to view in real time the traffic and activity of the individual components of the switchboard groups simply by referring to the Groups TAB (see How to monitor the activity of a hunt group from your UI).

In this section, by clicking on the magnifying glass icon corresponding to the displayed group whose detail you want to monitor, a panel opens where you can view:

    1. the list of users who are part of the group with their working status;
    2. a panel with the details of the ringing calls;
    3. a panel with the details of active calls;
    4. a panel with the details of the calls in the queue.
    5. a button to add new users to the group as desired, if the user has enabled the relevant capability in their profile (Change group composition – see Creating and configuring users).  If the user is enabled, he can also delete members of the group by clicking on the relevant user with the right mouse button and selecting the item “Remove user from group”
This section is also essential for managing a particular type of group ring, automatic queuing. With this ringing mode active for the group in display, the calls queued to the group (ie, only the calls visible under the Queue Calls item) can be retrieved directly using the appropriate button next to the cal.