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Exit Mediatrix anonymously when desired

The following configuration is one of the methods that allows you to make anonymous outgoing calls from a Mediatrix gateway simply by prefixing the number to be called with a convenient prefix. The Mediatrix gateway and the VOIspeed PBX are involved in the configuration. Let’s suppose that the desired prefix for making anonymous calls to […]
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How to configure ISDN lines

ISDN lines are digital telephone lines supplied through traditional studs (NT1 or Primary Flows): some alternative operators often provide routers that emulate ISDN lines using VoIP as the main transmission protocol in the route from the customer to the exchange (eg Fastweb , Welcome Italia, Infostrada, etc.), but for the VOIspeed switchboard these are ISDN […]
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How to configure a VoIP operator

A VoIP operator provides telephone lines in Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, thanks to which conversations travel on a data network (in jargon: packet-switched) rather than on traditional physical lines (in jargon: circuit-switched). The VoIP operator chooses whether to bring companies a traditional telephone socket (as does Telecom, Vodafone, Fastweb and others), or provide a […]
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