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How to activate the SMS sending service

To activate the VOIspeed SMS sending service it is necessary to purchase an SMS package from those available.

First SMS purchase

To proceed with the first purchase of an SMS package, simply click on the SMS icon found on your UI and follow the on-screen instructions that will be provided until the process is complete.

After purchasing the service, the SMS icon will disappear from the UI

IMPORTANT. To complete the purchase of SMS, you will need the complete company name of your company or studio, which is necessary for billing the service, and a credit card that will be used for payment.

You will be guided through some simple steps that we anticipate below:

  1. Verification and confirmation of company data for billing the service
  2. Select the SMS package you want to purchase
  3. Entering the data of a valid credit card to pay for the service
  4. Confirmation and sending of payment

After the previous steps, you will be sent back to your VOIspeed UI from which you can start sending SMS to your contacts in the address book. To program bulk SMS sending, you will need to access your UserArea identified by the UA icon on your VOIspeed UI.

To find out in detail how to use the functions of single sending or mass sending of SMS, please refer to the following dedicated pages

Once you have made a purchase, you will have a rechargeable SMS upstream that can be used both for sending individual SMS from the VOIspeed UI and for planning bulk SMS sending through your UserArea.

IMPORTANT. The upstream SMS will be available to all users of the VOIspeed switchboard who have enabled the SMS sending permission (single or massive). The user who performs the first activation will automatically have both permissions enabled. To find out how to change these permissions, read the following article.
Subsequent purchases.

Subsequent purchases

If you need to top up your SMS account, you can easily proceed directly from your UserArea.
In the Services section you will find the Account item. By accessing it you immediately have the summary of the SMS still available for your company; by clicking on the shopping cart button corresponding to the SMS Service item, you will automatically access the page in your reserved area on the VOIspeed site from which you can make a new purchase of SMS, in the same way as for the first purchase.